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Allan Roger Obituary, Allan Roger Has Reportedly Passed Away

Allan Roger Death, Obituary – It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of our dear friend and long-time member, Roger Allan. Roger, who served as the Woodpecker Entries Secretary and co-driver, peacefully left us today after a brief illness. His presence within the Sixty & Worcs community and the rallying world as a whole will be deeply missed.

Roger’s dedication to the “Woody” and his contributions as the Entries Secretary showcased his commitment to ensuring the success and enjoyment of our events. His efforts behind the scenes played a crucial role in making the Sixty & Worcs events memorable and smoothly run.

Beyond his administrative contributions, Roger was a familiar face in the co-driver’s seat during numerous national events. His journey alongside fellow rally enthusiasts began in the 1980s when he partnered with Nigel Wakefield. In recent years, he teamed up with Paul Davy, sharing the co-driver responsibilities in Paul’s Subaru Impreza. Roger’s passion for rallying and his supportive spirit left an indelible mark on everyone who had the privilege of rallying with him.

Roger’s passing is a loss felt deeply by all of us. During this challenging time, our hearts and thoughts go out to his family and friends as they come to terms with his absence. We kindly ask for your understanding and respect for the family’s privacy during this period of mourning. Please refrain from making calls to the number provided in the regulations as the family navigates through their grief.

As we remember Roger, let us hold onto the memories of his unwavering dedication, his infectious enthusiasm, and the friendships he nurtured within the rallying community. His legacy will continue to inspire us, reminding us of the camaraderie and passion that bind us all together.

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