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Anna Merced Obituary, Anna Merced Has Reportedly Passed Away At Age 64

Anna Merced Death, Obituary – Responding swiftly to a distress call, first responders from the Abbeville Search & Rescue Dive Team, Abbeville County EMS, Abbeville Sheriff’s Department, and SC DNR converged on the Crystal Lake Court area of the lake. Tragically, the incident involved the loss of a life.

The coroner has identified the victim as Anna Mae De La Merced, aged 64. According to Coroner Dorn, the victim was found without a water flotation device and was located approximately 60 yards from the shore. The circumstances surrounding the incident indicate that Ms. De La Merced had been operating a boat before ending up in the water. Her boat was discovered adrift, nearly 2,000 yards away from her location.

The incident is now under investigation by both the Abbeville County Coroner’s Office and SC DNR. Preliminary findings suggest that this may have been an unfortunate accident, with Ms. De La Merced tragically ending up in the water while operating her boat. The precise sequence of events leading to this tragedy is being meticulously examined.

In the wake of this devastating incident, our hearts go out to the family and friends of Anna Mae De La Merced. As the investigation unfolds, we hope to gain clarity about the circumstances that led to this heart-wrenching loss. In such trying times, the support of the community is crucial in providing solace to those affected.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, August 29, at the Abbeville County Forensic Center. This step is essential in understanding the cause and sequence of events that led to this unfortunate incident. As the community comes together to mourn and support one another, let us remember Ms. De La Merced and cherish the memories that define her life.

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