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Bart Gelles Obituary, Firefighter Bart Gelles Has Reportedly Passed Away

Bart Gelles Death, Obituary – It is with profound sorrow that we, the Officers and Members of the Hammonton Fire Department and Independent Volunteer Fire Co. 2, bear the heavy burden of announcing the loss of Firefighter Bart Gelles (F975), a dedicated servant with an unwavering commitment of 33 years to the community of Hammonton, and additional years generously given to the Nesco Volunteer Fire Co. in Mullica Township.

Firefighter Gelles’ legacy is etched in the selfless service he provided, leaving an indelible mark on our community. His tireless dedication, unwavering bravery, and steadfast commitment to our mission have enriched our fire department and the lives of countless individuals. His presence has been an inspiration to all, a true embodiment of the spirit of a firefighter.

As we grapple with the weight of this loss, our hearts go out to Debbie, Dane, and the entire Gelles family. We share in your grief and extend our deepest sympathies during this difficult time. Bart’s dedication to our community was mirrored by the love and support he received from his family, a testament to their unwavering solidarity.

Throughout the years, Bart has been a pillar of strength and resilience, exemplifying the values that define a true firefighter. His camaraderie, mentorship, and unyielding commitment to the well-being of our community have left an indelible legacy that will continue to guide us.

In the coming days, more information will be shared as we collectively honor and remember Bart’s life and contributions. Our fire department stands united in honoring his memory and offering support to his family during this trying time.

As we navigate the sorrow of his absence, let us remember the bravery he embodied and the sacrifices he made. Firefighter Bart Gelles will forever remain in our hearts as a hero and a cherished member of our fire department family. May his spirit continue to inspire us as we carry on the mission he held so dearly. 🕊️🔥🙏

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