Bob Mummert Obituary, Nashville TN, Bob Mummert Has Passed Away

Bob Mummert Obituary, Nashville TN, Bob Mummert Has Passed Away

Bob Mummert Obituary, Death –¬†After a valiant struggle against cancer, Robert Charles Mummert, age 70, died away on January 2, 2019, in Franklin. In the year 1948, on June 30th, he was brought into the world in Petoski, Michigan, by his parents, who were given the names Walter and Grace (Baker) Mummert.
Robert Mummert lost his wife Cheri Mummert prior to his own passing. They had been married for a considerable amount of time.

They spent a lot of years working together as co-owners of a craft business. Robert enjoyed the time he was able to spend in the natural environment and outside in the fresh air. Birdwatching was one of his many interests in life. His granddaughter was the only person in the world to whom Robert felt any sort of attachment. Robert and Cheri spent a good deal of time and energy over the course of several years caring for foster children in their home.

Chrystal Roberts, his daughter; Betty (Joe) Warren and Karen Sue (Joe) Bodzick, his sisters; his granddaughter, Kirsten Mummert; and a huge number of nieces and nephews are among the people who are still living after Robert’s passing. Chrystal Roberts is Robert’s one and only kid who is still alive.

Before Robert Mummert’s demise, his wife, Cheri Mummert, as well as his parents, Walter and Grace Mummert, and his sister, Vicki Jo Mummert, all went away. Robert Mummert himself perished away.
The family has come to the conclusion that they will respect Robert’s wish that there will not be a memorial service given in his honor.

Jessen Funeral Home – Franklin Chapel has been entrusted with the responsibility of making all of the necessary arrangements.

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