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Cameron Crowhurst Missing, Cameron Crowhurst From Boomtown Found Safe

Cameron Crowhurst Missing – A man who was reported missing after attending the Boomtown music event that was held in Winchester has been found and is in excellent condition, according to his family. The event in question took place near Winchester. Cameron Crowhurst, who is 31 years old and hails from Birmingham, was not seen after leaving the event on August 12th. He was never identified or located again.

His family and friends started looking for him as soon as they found out he was missing. They put up wanted posters all around the city in the desperate hope that someone may notice one of them and come forward with information. On Thursday, a member of his family verified that he had really been found and brought the news to the rest of the family.

On a number of different social media channels, it was posted that Cameron had been found to be in good health. “I would want to use this opportunity to extend my appreciation to everyone who has helped in the search for Cameron. “Someone I don’t know sent me a request to message them on Facebook, saying that I should call them because Cameron and I are dating.” After hearing his voice for the first time, I finally started to believe what they were saying.

On the other hand, he suffered no injuries and is in perfect health. “He has persevered through a significant struggle, and now that he is safe, we can at long last let out a sigh of relief,”

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