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Carl Mattson Obituary, Massachusetts, Carl Mattson has passed away – Death

Carl Mattson Obituary, Death – Carl “Skip” Mattson, 67, of Johns Island, passed away on May 3, 2023. His life was filled with adventures, travel, and a deep love for the ocean and sports. Carl’s journey began on the Rhode Island Quonnie Shore, where he spent his formative years. Throughout his life, he and his wife, Cheryl, embarked on various travel adventures, from driving along winding countryside roads to sailing in Clipperships and 12-Meter America Cups. These experiences allowed Carl to explore different parts of the world and create cherished memories.

One of Carl’s passions was tennis, and he was an avid player. Beyond the tennis court, he had a profound connection with the ocean. He found joy in swimming, sailing, and boating, embracing all the wonders the ocean had to offer. His enthusiasm for these activities was a testament to his deep appreciation for the natural world. Carl was known for his quick laughter and dry sense of humor. He had an innate curiosity about people and their stories, forging many lasting friendships throughout his life. His ability to connect with others and make them feel valued was a hallmark of his character.

Carl is survived by his beloved wife, Cheryl, who shared in his adventures and experiences. His love extended to their loyal dog as well as numerous nieces and nephews, including many great nieces and great nephews. To honor Carl’s life and legacy, friends and family will come together for Celebrations of Life at Kiawah Island, SC, and Quonnie, RI. These gatherings will provide an opportunity for loved ones to remember and celebrate the vibrant life of Carl “Skip” Mattson.

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