Liam Cavanagh Obituary, Memorial Service For Liam Cavanagh

Chris Sedgewic Death, Saskatoon Police officer Has died GoFundMe

Chris Sedgewic Death, Obituary, GoFundMe – At the same time that two young boys are beginning a new chapter of their life without their great father, our first responder family and the wider community are mourning the loss of a brother. Chris was an excellent dad to Carson and Lincoln, in addition to Rian, who was Kassie’s kid. Carson and Lincoln were lucky to have Chris as their parent. Chris and the kids might regularly be seen riding bicycles or scooters about Saskatoon in quest of new adventures, or else they could be found at Wakaw Lake having fun in the water.

It was simple to see how imaginative and patient he was thanks to the gentle teaching moments he shared with his children in his backyard garden and workshop. His love for his children shined through in every moment, and it was clear that he was always there for them. While Kassie works her way through the numerous challenges that lie in store for them, our community can honor our friend and coworker by providing our support to the ones he loved the most: his boys.

While Kassie works her way through the various challenges that lie in wait for them, they can honor our friend and coworker. This money will be used to pay for their education, athletic registrations, childcare bills, counselling and support services, Carson’s autism therapy and medication, and more time spent with his mother as they traverse the tough days that lie ahead of them.

Thank you for the unconditional love and support you have shown to our brother who serves in the law enforcement community. From this point forward, Chris, we will manage everything; thank you very much for your assistance, number 753.

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