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Daniel “Dan” Sisto Obituary Albany New York, Basketball coach and police officer has died

Daniel “Dan” Sisto Death, Obituary – Unfortunately, Dan Sisto, who was a member of the New York State Police and also coached basketball, passed away recently. His death, which occurred on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, was a tragedy for his family and the people he had been close to. Dan had worked for the New York State Police (NYSP) for the previous 23 years, and he was one of the many people who responded immediately to the need for aid for New York City in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Dan had worked for the NYSP for the previous 23 years.

Throughout his whole life, Dan never wavered in his commitment to giving back to his neighborhood in any number of different ways. In addition to actively engaging as a member of the NYSP and acting as the organization’s second vice president and legislative director, he enthusiastically volunteered his time to programs involving youth basketball.

Dan Sisto has expertly combined two careers that on the surface appear to have little in do with one another throughout his life: being a police officer and being a sports coach. He was used to the difficulties and requirements of his job as a police officer, which included protecting and serving the general people as well as enforcing the law. As a guardian and protector, it was clear that he was committed to doing what was right for both his community and the law.

Empathy served as the cornerstone of Coach Sito’s approach to the game of basketball. Because he sees his players as whole people, he makes it a priority to improve both their physical ability and their mental well-being. Because of the all-inclusive coaching style that he takes, the members of his team get closer to one another and are able to work more effectively. This is something that is beneficial for everyone involved.

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