David Cherup Obituary Pittsburgh PA, David Cherup Funeral and Visitation

David Cherup Obituary Pittsburgh PA, David Cherup Funeral and Visitation

David Cherup Death, Obituary – David Thomas “Chief” Cherup, 38 years old, passed away in an unexpected manner on August 27, 2023. He was commonly referred to as “Chief.” The 18th of September, 1984 is his birthdate, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the place where he was born. Those individuals who were produced by the union of David G. Cherup and Marcia A. Thomas. Brother of Cherup and the offspring of Anthony and Caroline, he is the son. loved and remembered fondly by those who are grieving the loss of his grandparents, Dr. David and Naomi Cherup.

Leaving behind his grandmother Carole Thomas and grandfather Lawrence Thomas, as well as his relatives, uncles, cousins, and friends. Carole Thomas was his grandmother, while Lawrence Thomas was his grandfather. It is an honor to take on the role of Godfather for McKenzie Cordera. In 2003, David graduated from Upper St. Clair High School, where he earned his high school diploma. Iron City Landscaping was the name of the business that he ran on his own as a sole proprietor. His lifelong interest was landscaping, and among the services offered by the company was tree removal, which he considered to be the most satisfying way to earn an income.

Along with going to the gym and listening to rock music (primarily AC/DC and Guns & Roses), one of his favorite things to do was to go see his grandparents, particularly on Thursdays for Carole’s spaghetti supper and impromptu visits with Mam Mam. His interests included skydiving, snowboarding, and going to see the Steelers play at Heinz Field, which was one of the most successful venues in the team’s history. David was a big, boisterous, and loud Italian man, but he was also a giant of kindness who loved his friends and family with a tremendous amount of passion.

David was an Italian. David had a height of 6 feet and 4 inches. Everyone he met had a dramatically different experience as a result of his presence. The funeral services have been entrusted to the SZAFRANSKI-EBERLEIN FUNERAL HOME, INC., which is situated at 101 Third Street in Carnegie. On Thursday, August 31, 2023, from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM, the relatives of the dead as well as friends of the deceased will be received at the funeral home. There will be a Service of Blessing that takes place throughout the celebration.

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