Joseph Turnbaugh Obituary, Memorial Service For Joseph Turnbaugh

Joseph Turnbaugh Obituary, Memorial Service For Joseph Turnbaugh

Joseph Turnbaugh Obituary, Death – Joseph D. Turnbaugh, known to many as Logan Joseph James, peacefully passed away on Friday, August 18, 2023, in Milan, MO, at the age of 63. Born on July 17, 1960, in Kansas City, MO, Joe’s journey through life was marked by his unyielding spirit, his love for the outdoors, and his deep connections with family and friends. He grew up in the embrace of Grandview, MO, and South Kansas City, MO, shaping his character through the rich experiences of his upbringing.

A proud graduate of Grandview High School in the class of 1978, Joe’s pursuit of knowledge continued as he attended CMSU in Warrensburg, MO, where he enriched his mind and expanded his horizons.

Joe’s affinity for the great outdoors was sowed early, nurtured by his father’s guidance. He learned the art of hunting, fishing, and the skilled use of firearms and archery from his dad. His mastery of duck calling and his avid passion for hunting were testimonies to his dedication to these pursuits. A skilled equestrian, he also showcased his talents in his teenage years by participating in horse shows when his family displayed horses.

Professionally, Joe contributed to the family legacy by working at the Jackson County Advocate, a legal weekly newspaper in Grandview. For many years, he diligently served the community through this role. In 1991, he relocated to Milan, where he found solace and contentment in the rural surroundings he cherished.

Under the name Logan Joseph James, Joe found his stage persona, a DJ and singer in Country Bars. The name “Logan” held a special place in his heart, a reflection of his deep affection for the country lifestyle he embraced. His stage name encapsulated his given name, Joseph, and honored his father’s name, James.

Joe’s journey was marked by both joy and sorrow. He was preceded in death by his father, James D. Turnbaugh, Jr. (2003), and his mother, Agnes A. Turnbaugh (2017) of Lee’s Summit, MO. He is survived by his sister, Annette M. Turnbaugh, of Grandview, MO, and his son, Joseph L. Turnbaugh, of Sunrise Beach, MO, along with his cherished grandchildren.

Logan found his sanctuary in the tranquil expanse of the countryside in Milan. The relationships he forged throughout his life were invaluable to him, leaving behind numerous dear friends and family who will forever cherish his memory. In accordance with his wishes, Joe will be cremated, and his ashes will be tenderly scattered across the lands he held so dear on his beloved farm.

A Celebration of Life, honoring Joe’s indomitable spirit, will be held at a later date in Milan, where those who knew and loved him can come together to celebrate the legacy he leaves behind. Joseph D. Turnbaugh, aka Logan Joseph James, will forever be remembered for his passion, his love for nature, and the lasting impact he had on the lives of those fortunate enough to have known him.

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