Michael Schumacher Accident, Has Michael Schumacher Recovered from his Accident?

Desiree Kice Car Accident, Somonauk Illinois, Desiree Kice Has Sadly Passed Away

Desiree Kice Car Accident, Death – Due to the severity of Desiree’s injuries, she was rushed to Victoria Hospital and had seven complete blood transfusions within the first twenty hours following her accident. During this time, she also needed to have her spleen removed. She made it through her first twenty-four hours in the hospital despite the doctors’ concerns that she wouldn’t survive. Desiree is alive today and has made tremendous progress toward recovery as a result of the care she received at London Health Sciences Center (LHSC), where she was treated by physicians and nurses.

Desiree had serious and complicated injuries, including 11 fractures, a broken liver, a blood clot in her spleen, a rip in her upper intestine, an acquired brain damage, and scrapes and deep contusions that covered her whole body. She also had many complex fractures, which is when a portion of bone protrudes through your skin. She suffered from all of these injuries. Due to the fact that Desiree’s vehicle rolled into a muddy field after the collision, she later developed an infection in her lower leg as a result of the incident.

After being sent to the LHSC Critical Care Trauma Center (CCTC), where she remained in a coma for the next 21 days, Desiree was discharged. “It was 21 days before we knew she was going to survive, and we didn’t know what the extent of her brain injury would be until she woke up,” Desiree’s mother recalls how emotionally taxing those first few weeks were. “We didn’t know what the extent of her brain injury would be until she woke up.” She was unable to utter a single word when she did eventually come to. After an initial delay, Desiree finally said her first word on June 27, exactly 54 days after the tragedy.

When Desiree was looking at pictures on the phone that belonged to her mother, she pointed at a picture of herself and stated, “That’s me.” “She spoke intelligently and was articulate,” stated the woman who was her mother. It was a miraculous occurrence.” Desiree was a patient at the CCTC for a total of 34 days, during which time her mother, Betty, never once left her daughter’s side. Thankfully, the CCTC waiting area is linked to three other rooms that are completely silent. The funding for these private, quiet rooms comes entirely from the generosity of donors. They provide guests with the option of spending the night on a pull-out bed in a private setting, if they so want. Shortly after Desiree’s injury, Betty stayed in a quiet room for five consecutive days without interruption.

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