Doug Levin Obituary, Washington College Mourns The Death Of Retired Teacher

Doug Levin Obituary, Death – In 2011, Levin began his position as the assistant director of the Center for Environment & Society (CES) at Washington College. In January of this year, he stepped down from his role as the leader of entrepreneurial science at the Center and began his retirement. “Doug was one of the most inquisitive, generous, warm-hearted, and funny people I’ve ever known,” said John Seidel, CES director emeritus, who hired Levin. “Doug was one of the most inquisitive, generous, and funny people I’ve ever known.” “Doug was one of the most curious, generous, and hilarious people I’ve ever known,”

I’ve heard people say. “He had an extraordinary talent for connecting with children, and as a consequence, he acquired a sizeable following throughout the course of his career. His legacy will continue long after he has passed away because he was the one responsible for bringing some truly amazing technologies to Washington College, most notably for the advantage of undergraduate students. We will struggle to move forward without him in our midst. Levin, who had the disposition of an educator in addition to his training as a coastal geologist and marine scientist, began a mapping and water quality program for the Chester River the moment he arrived in Washington.

He did this as soon as he had the opportunity. While he worked, he was also continuously creative and came up with new ideas. He built research programs for teaching students how to use buoy-based sensors and robotics, and he also constructed research programs using both of these forms of technology.
“Doug had a deep love for his family, his cabin on Little Creek in Preston, as well as his golden retrievers and cats,” continued Seidel. “He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.” “He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.” “In addition to this, he had a strong affection for his pupils. He has left a legion of students who will always cherish their memories of his unique, contagious, and engaging teaching.

He has also left behind pupils who benefited from his generous attitude as well as his long-term mentoring and help. These students will always treasure their memories of his unconventional, contagious, and engaging teaching. Doug would be the first to assert that these students are his most significant and enduring legacy, and he would say this in spite of the many other professional triumphs he has accomplished over the course of a great career. Doug has been a teacher for a very long time, and his career has been very extraordinary.


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