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Gregory Apple Obituary, Gregory Apple Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Gregory Apple Death, Obituary – On Wednesday, August 23rd, my beloved husband passed away unexpectedly. Greg’s life was cut short by a heart attack while playing golf, a passion he pursued with immense joy. Contrary to what one might assume, the cause was not related to the heat. Many may not be aware that Greg had a prior heart attack at the young age of 17, revealing he had a congenital heart condition. We consider ourselves blessed that his heart held strong for another 51 years, allowing us to create countless cherished memories.

Over the course of his life, Greg lived it fully and passionately. He reveled in experiencing over a thousand concerts, even creating a golf tournament named The Dead Open after a memorable Grateful Dead show. His journey encompassed graduating college, attending 60 consecutive Indianapolis 500 races, and hosting annual dinners with his lifelong Greenfield companions for two decades. He was a devoted Indianapolis Colts fan, delighting in the Manning era, while also harboring a deep love for IU sports—though, truth be told, the camaraderie and menu of tailgate gatherings often overshadowed the games.

Within these 51 years, Greg’s most cherished accomplishment was the life he built with me. We met, fell in love, married, and welcomed our precious daughter, Adrienne, into the world. His role as a father and husband was his greatest source of pride. Greg made every moment count, fostering a life of adventure and experiences. Together, we explored over ten countries, relished in annual trips to Costa Rica since 2018, and built a tradition of joyful family gatherings.

Professionally, Greg flourished. He co-founded Lab Interiors Group, a successful venture he initiated with his close friend Mark Skole. This achievement mirrored his outlook on life—a combination of diligence, collaboration, and unwavering friendship. Recently, Greg retired, marking a new chapter after years of dedication.

I share this to highlight the remarkable perspective Greg held. He embraced each day as a precious gift, mindful of the 51 bonus years he was granted after his initial heart incident. While the void he leaves is immeasurable, I find solace in the fact that we shared 39 beautiful years together. My heart aches for the memories we won’t create, but I am endlessly thankful for the memories we did share. Greg’s spirit will always be a guiding light, reminding us to make the most of every moment.

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