James McCleneghan Obituary, Memorial Service For James McCleneghan

James McCleneghan Obituary, Memorial Service For James McCleneghan

James McCleneghan, Death – It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of a somber day that has befallen the Middle Park FC and the broader community. Today, we mourn the loss of James McCleneghan, an integral member of our U18s leadership team who held the roles of Team Manager, Coach, and devoted Dad. James’s passing comes as a profound blow, as he succumbed to a severe stroke and haemorrhage that he endured over the weekend.

For more than a decade, the club and James shared an inseparable bond. He dedicated a significant portion of his life to the Middle Park FC, and in turn, the club found itself shaped and uplifted by his unwavering commitment. He played a pivotal role in the existence of our U18s team, serving as one of the driving forces behind its formation. With his constant presence and unyielding support, James breathed life into the team, making it a tight-knit and spirited group.

In this trying time, our thoughts and condolences extend to his wife, Lisa, and his son, Finn. We understand the depth of their loss and stand united in offering our support during this period of immense grief.

As we prepare to bid farewell to James, the funeral is scheduled for the upcoming week. In accordance with Lisa’s wishes, his team will gather to pay their respects, donning their kit as a tribute to the role he played in their lives. We will share further details about the funeral once they become available.

In the midst of our sorrow, we find solace in the knowledge that James’s spirit lives on through his selfless act of organ donation. Today, two individuals have been given a chance at life due to his generous gift. Even in passing, James continues to touch lives and make a profound difference.

May James McCleneghan find eternal peace, and may his legacy of dedication, kindness, and generosity continue to inspire us all.

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