Jason Forrest Missing, Jason Forrest Disappearance Search Still Continuous

Jason Forrest Missing – On August 28, 2023, Jason Forrest would have turned 22 years old, but now the Forrest family will never again know the joy of celebrating a member’s birthday. On August 7th, 2023, Forrest, then 21 years old, was reported missing. His mother, Samantha Forrest, claims the missing person case wasn’t taken properly until it was too late, and now she’s still looking for him nearly three weeks later. “No matter what happened or when it happened, my son was in a field for 18 days in 108 degree weather and got so badly decomposed that they had to identify him by his teeth,” Samantha Forrest said.

According to Jason Forrest’s family, nothing out of the ordinary occurred before his abduction. He was close with his family, had recently been promoted at work, and was in the process of house hunting. On the other hand, Forrest’s supervisor came up at the family’s front door on the morning of August 8 to report that Forrest had not shown up for work. “That’s crazy because Jason worked for that man for the last three, three years,” Samantha Forrest continued. For him, work was a passion. He would never botch that assignment.

There was an instantaneous alarm bell for Samantha Forrest at that point. Samantha Forrest lamented, “I couldn’t eat anything.” “I was wide awake. I couldn’t stop sobbing. I started making a lot of noise on the phone, and eventually it went to voicemail. When it happened, we contacted the Killeen Police. The Forrest family claimed the police showed no urgency as the days passed. Suzanne Swanson, Jason Forrest’s grandmother, changed all that when she wrote the CID chief.

The next day, a detective and two superiors were assigned to the investigation, and their contact information was provided. Still, the family had no idea what had happened. It was possible that he ran off with a woman, Swanson speculated. The Forrests were able to get video footage thanks to a kind neighbor. In all likelihood, this was the final time anybody would ever see Jason alive.

The last time Samantha Forrest saw him in the driveway was at 10:39 p.m., when “he stepped outside, a black truck pulled up or a dark truck pulled up,” and by the time the truck left, he was already gone. For three weeks, “Jason’s face has been plastered all over social media,” but the suspect has yet to come forward. What makes you think that? Unless you had a hand in his absence, you may say, “Yeah, hey, I know where he was last.”

The Forrest family was informed by Killeen police on Sunday, August 27 that a corpse they thought to be Jason’s had been discovered. Samantha Forrest sobbed, “They have to positively identify it through dental records, but it was wearing Jason’s clothes.” Jason’s belongings and identification were in there. The family still has unanswered questions but refuses to give up. “He was my baby,” Samantha Forrest gushed. The 6 News crew wanted to know more about Jason the son. What his mom had to say about it.

Samantha Forrest claims that her boyfriend always remembers her birthday and Mother’s Day by giving her candy and flowers. For example, “This year, because he had a car, he was able to go to the store and actually give me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.” Forrest said, “He would hate that I mentioned this, but I’ve been telling everybody, a few weeks ago, he wanted me to go with him in his car to show him how to go through the carwash, the automatic carwash. “When we pulled up at Mr. Carwash, the attendant was like, ‘Hey, is this your first time with us?'”

I’ve never been in a carwash before,” Jason replied. How ecstatic he was! He genuinely was that sort of guy. It was hard to tell from his silence whether he was sad or content. On Wednesday, August 30th, the autopsy report will be made public, at which time the cause of death will be known. Killeen Police told 6 News that the case detective is off on Mondays, when this report was written, but they hope to provide a comment tomorrow.

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