Jennifer Dale Obituary, Jennifer Dale Funeral and Visitation Arrangement

Jennifer Dale Obituary, Jennifer Dale Funeral and Visitation Arrangement

Jennifer Dale Death, Obituary  РJennifer Marie Dale, who resided in Birmingham, Michigan, died away without a struggle on August 26, 2023. She was held and comforted by her three cherished and blessed children at the time of her passing: Jason, Laura, and Megan. Jennifer was the eldest of the six Joliat children, and from the time she was a little child, she took care of and consoled her younger siblings in the role of a surrogate mother. It was a really difficult task. Many different groups of friends will feel a profound loss as a result of her passing since she showed love to others in such a consistent manner.

After graduating from Shrine High School, Jennifer went on to get a degree in elementary education at Central Michigan University. She spent her time at Pembroke Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, nurturing students in Kindergarten and First Grade. For her, teaching was an act of love and commitment. She leaves behind hundreds of creative and inquisitive brains, whose pranks and achievements filled her days. She will be much missed. Her pupils’ parents became become some of her most cherished friends.

She cherished her life in the little town since it allowed her to watch her children develop into lovely persons. She was a devout member of Holy Name Parish, where she taught second graders how to make their First Communion since her religion was one of the most important aspects of her life and she wanted to pass it on to others. After reaching retirement age, Jennifer was finally able to enjoy spending time with all of her many close friends. Jennifer maintained relationships with her friends from high school, college, and her professional life, as well as her family and neighbors.

Because of her upbeat demeanor and constant grin, the communities in which she participated were welcoming of newcomers and richer for having her presence. To call Jennifer Dale a friend or a member of one’s family was a tremendous blessing; the dimming of her light will be a trial for all those who had the good fortune to cross paths with her. Thankfully, our happy recollections of her brilliant spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Her legacy will live on in the happiness that she brought to others and shared.

The births of Jennifer’s children stand out as the highlights of her life’s journey. The love that has been shown to Jason, Laura, and Megan has been unending and consistent. They bestowed upon her the privilege of grandparenthood, which she came to regard as the pinnacle of her life after retirement. Over the course of the last few years, the children had provided their mother with day-to-day support while she battled Frontotemporal Dementia.

They were there at all times and made decisions that were both challenging and loving. Her final words to her children were “I love you too.” She died with those words in her mouth. She never spent time by herself. Never once did she experience fear. Elaine and Thomas Joliat, Jenny’s parents, both passed away before she was born. Her children, Jason (MaryAnn), Laura, and Megan Shea (Ryan Zemmin), are the only ones who will remember her. Her grandkids, Elena, Evelyn, and Jakob Dale; Maxwell, Elliana, and Violet Fehervary; Mason, Lila, and Brody Shea; and Dylan Zemmin, are also among the living descendants of this woman.

Her siblings, Janet Dahl (and her husband Steve), Michael (and his wife Colleen), Judy Stetzenmeyer (and her husband Ty), Paul (and his wife Marietta), and Marie Cavanaugh (and her husband Larry), together with their 12 nieces and nephews, will mourn Jennifer every day. Enjoy a Vernors or a Baileys in Jennifer’s memory, along with a Twizzler, some M&M peanuts, or some Vernors. Jenny’s never-ending joy came from taking pleasure in the little things in life.

She served as a role model for the lessons that are taught in kindergarten, such as being nice, sharing, playing fairly, holding hands, apologizing when you harm someone else, working hard, cleaning up after yourself, smiling, and many more. She would be overjoyed if the world were to evolve into a more compassionate place, and she hopes that her loved ones will be the ones to carry the torch in this endeavor. At the end of each visit, she would say “I love you to the moon and back” or “I love you more.” You’re getting it, Jennifer.

Donations made in Jennifer’s honor to the Association for Frontotemporal Dementia ( might assist other families in coping with the challenges posed by this devastating disease. Another organization that would appreciate acts of kindness performed in Jennifer’s memory is the Christ Child Society of Detroit, which may be found at 502 North Crooks Road, Clawson, Michigan 48017.

On Tuesday, August 29, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, friends and family are invited to pay their respects at Lynch & Sons Funeral Home in Clawson. On Wednesday, August 30 at 10 a.m., a Mass of the Resurrection will be held at Holy Name Catholic Church, which is located at 630 Harmon in Birmingham. This will be followed by the burial taking place at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield.

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