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Jeremy Helgeson Obituary, Fort Wayne Indiana, Jeremy Helgeson Has Died

Jeremy Helgeson Obituary, Death – He was born and raised in the town of Strafford, which is located in the state of Missouri. Ronald (Ron) Oliver Helgeson Sr. After having been born on July 27, 1942, he passed away at Mercy Hospital on April 26, 2021. His birthday was July 27. The 27th of July was his birthday.

His family had already left without him, including his mother and father, his sister, and one of his sons. Even his sister had passed away before him. The members of his family that are still alive include Kathy Helgeson, Tracy Helgeson, Charity Sawyer, Ron Helgeson Jr., and Christina Odom. Connie Helgeson, his wife of 49 years, and their five children are the only people who will remember him after his passing. Both of his parents are still alive and well at this point.

The grandparents have five grandkids, and their names are Jeremy Helgeson, Sierra Sawyer, Brooke Helgeson, Derek Sawyer, and Blake Garoutte. All of the grandchildren live in the same house. The great-grandchildren Gracie Sawyer, Mackenzie Rippee, Major Helgeson, and Melody Diaz are all exceptional in their own unique ways.

Those who will live on after his departure include his wife, children, and two brothers named Lonnie and Dennis Helgeson. Also continuing on will be his other brother. In addition to this, a significant number of his nieces, nephews, cousins, acquaintances, and coworkers held him in very high respect and showed him a great deal of affection. He claimed that his wish was to be cremated, and that he did not want any memorial or burial rites to be performed in his honor.

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