John Brookes Obituary, Legendary Art Enthusiast Mourned, Friendship Celebrated

John Brookes Obituary, Death – The news of John Brookes’ passing has left a profound sense of sadness among those who had the privilege of knowing him. A true legend in his own right, John Brookes made an indelible mark not only in the art world but also in the lives of those who had the pleasure of crossing paths with him. His memory will forever be intertwined with the gallery door in Richmond, where he first entered and forged lasting friendships with many.

One such friend, Wendy Bowker, fondly remembers the time when John Brookes walked through that gallery door, a moment that would set the stage for a deep and enduring friendship. United by their shared passion for football, they found common ground despite their allegiances lying with different teams. John was a fervent supporter of Middlesbrough FC, while Wendy proudly cheered for Liverpool. This unexpected connection over their love for “Footy” became a cornerstone of their friendship, transcending team rivalries and becoming a source of camaraderie.

The art world and its creative expression were another arena where John Brookes’ presence loomed large. Mentioning the renowned artist Mackenzie in her tribute tweet, Wendy Bowker underscores John’s appreciation for art. His ability to connect with artists and their creations revealed his innate understanding of the beauty and depth that art can bring to life. His friendship with the talented artist Mackenzie exemplified this connection, reflecting his profound respect for the artistic process.

In the realm of football, John Brookes’ heart was split between his beloved Middlesbrough FC, affectionately known as the “Boro,” and Wendy’s cherished Liverpool FC, known by the rallying cry “YNWA” (You’ll Never Walk Alone). This friendly banter and exchange of team slogans encapsulated the spirit of their relationship—two friends brought together by chance but bonded by shared interests and mutual respect.

As the world mourns the loss of John Brookes, Wendy Bowker’s tribute not only commemorates a legendary figure but also celebrates the power of friendship that transcends differences. John’s ability to forge connections over “Footy” and appreciate the beauty of art served as a testament to his vibrant spirit. His legacy lives on through the bonds he created and the memories he left behind, reminding us all to find common ground, appreciate the arts, and cherish the friendships that enrich our lives.

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