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Justin Monteiro Obituary, New Bedford MA, Justin Monteiro Has Died

Justin Monteiro Obituary, Death – When Sara Monteiro, a resident of Tulare, typed the name of her sister’s husband into a search engine, she was surprised to see a breaking news piece that originated in Kansas. In the city of Lenexa, Kansas, the arrest was made of a man named Justin Todd Rey, who resides in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Rey is 35 years old. On October 24, human remains were found inside of an ice chest that was found in a storage shed that the suspect was using as a sleeping area. The storage shed was located in the backyard of the suspect. “I immediately started crying,” said Monteiro. “I don’t know why.” Her other sister, Rhonda Monteiro, was the recipient of a phone call from her with the statement, “Rhonda, he did it. He is the one responsible for her death.

After an hour had passed, she received a phone call from a detective who informed her that Jessica Monteiro Rey, 32 years old, had been discovered dead. Sara Monteiro overheard someone remark, “They told me he cut her up and put her in the ice chest,” and she verified the information that was shared with her.

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