Ake Mcintosh Obituary Ssheville North Carolina, Remembering Ake Mcintosh

Lake Mcintosh Obituary Ssheville North Carolina, Remembering Ake Mcintosh

Ake Mcintosh Death, Obituary  РLake Reed McIntosh, who had recently turned 22 years old at the time of his death, was laid to rest on the Sunday, August 27th, 2023. Lake was born and raised in Asheville, making the city both his birthplace and his permanent residence for his whole life. His mother, Trisha Wells McIntosh, and his father, Mark Timothy McIntosh, were the ones responsible for his upbringing at that location.

Lake McIntosh Concrete Pumping was the name of the business that Lake owned and managed entirely by himself. Lake was the sole proprietor of the firm. This business was entirely owned and operated by Lake on his own. At Lake, there was not a single person engaged in any kind of labor. Basketball and fishing were two of his all-time favorite things to do in his leisure time, and he would participate in both activities whenever he had the opportunity to do so.

His sister Chelsea Bridges, his brother Riley McIntosh, and his paternal grandparents Debbie McIntosh and Charles Allen McIntosh are just some of the individuals who will mourn him after he has passed away. The loss of his uncle will also be felt by Chelsea Bridges and Riley McIntosh. His mother and father, as well as his sister Chelsea Bridges, his brother Riley McIntosh, and his paternal grandparents, are among the people who will miss him after his passing. In addition to this, both his grandpa and grandmother on his father’s side had passed away before him.

His sisters were Chelsea Bridges and Riley McIntosh, with Chelsea Bridges having the advantage of being the elder of the two. Both of his grandmother’s parents had already gone away before he was born; their names were Jessie Kirkpatrick and Ralph Wells. Both his maternal grandpa, Wells, and his maternal grandmother, Kirkpatrick, were named Kirkpatrick. They were honored by having the lake bear their names in honour of their contributions.

The memorial service is going to be held at the Groce Funeral Home on Patton Avenue at four o’clock in the afternoon on Wednesday, August 30. The date and time of the event have not yet been determined. Patton Avenue is the address of the funeral home that you’re looking for. During the ceremony, the Reverend Jerry Hensley will serve in many capacities, including those of presiding preacher and host of the event.

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