Laura Jauregui Austin TX, Shooting, 1 dead, 1 Injured in Apparent Random Shooting at Austin

Laura Jauregui Austin TX, Shooting, 1 dead, 1 Injured in Apparent Random Shooting at Austin

Laura Jauregui Austin TX, Shooting – There were reports of shots being fired in the 10000 block of Research Boulevard at around 5:00 p.m. when Austin 9-1-1 got a call about the incident. The caller said that they had heard many gunshots coming from within the Teapioca. Approximately 5 minutes and one second before 5 o’clock in the evening, the first units were sent and began responding to the location. While emergency personnel were on their way, more callers to 9-1-1 stated that there was a shooter in the area.

The first units arrived on the scene at the emergency location at around 5:07 p.m. Inside the establishment, at around 5:09 o’clock in the evening, APD officers discovered Tang-Kang Dave Chiang, Laura Jauregui, and another lady lying wounded on the ground. All three victims had been shot. A Counter Assault Strike Team (CAST) deployment was activated despite the fact that there was only a little amount of information available concerning a possible active shooter or armed suspect at the moment.

At around 5:11 p.m., a coordinated response to treat the possible casualties was launched by the Austin Police Department, Austin-Travis County EMS, and the Austin Fire Department. On the spot, Jauregui passed away. The second victim, who has not yet been recognized, was transferred to a nearby hospital in critical condition. At the scene, it was determined that Chiang had passed away. Investigation of the crime site was taken up by homicide investigators as well as crime scene specialists who were dispatched.

Throughout the course of the inquiry, it was found that Chiang shot both ladies without their knowledge, ultimately taking his own life with a firearm after Jauregui’s death. Initial reports indicated that there had been an explosion; however, there were no explosive devices discovered throughout the investigation. The information that was supplied to us during the first 9-1-1 calls was the reason for the increased reaction from a number of other jurisdictions. At this point in time, there has been no conclusion reached on the motivation.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our public safety partners for their prompt reaction in sending units to assist with controlling the situation until we were able to determine the scope of the problem and put it under control. These partners include the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Austin Independent School District Police Department, the Travis County Constables Office, and the FBI and ATF.

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