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Leah Pinson Death, Obituary – With heavy hearts, we share the somber news of the passing of a remarkable woman, Mrs. Leah (Luba) Pinson, OBM, on Sunday morning, 17 Elul, 5783. She was a beloved wife to Rabbi Yehoshua Pinson, 770 Gabbai, and her legacy will forever remain etched in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing her. Mrs. Leah Pinson, born in Haditch, Russia, into the Gansburg family, was a woman of extraordinary resilience and determination.

She pursued a career in medicine, dedicating herself to the healing arts, a testament to her compassionate nature. When the opportunity for immigration arose, she embarked on a journey to Israel, settling in Kfar Chabad, where she tirelessly served in a local hospital, extending her healing touch to those in need. Later in life, Mrs. Leah Pinson’s path led her to New York, where she embarked on a new chapter by marrying Rabbi Yehoshua Pinson, who served as the Gabbai at 770.

Together, they opened their home with warm hospitality, welcoming countless individuals into their lives. Her remarkable generosity and kindness made her home a haven for Ba’alei Teshuva, providing guidance and support on their spiritual journeys. Mrs. Pinson’s influence also extended to the realm of matchmaking (Shidduchim), where she played a pivotal role in bringing together couples within the Russian community, uniting souls in love and faith.

As we mourn her passing, we remember the enduring impact of Mrs. Leah Pinson, whose life was a shining example of dedication, compassion, and selflessness. Her memory will continue to inspire us all. The Levaya (funeral) will be held on Sunday, passing 770 at 2:00 PM, followed by her burial at Montefiore Cemetery in Queens. It is an opportunity for all who knew her to pay their final respects and to honor a life lived with purpose, love, and devotion. May her memory be a blessing to us all.

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