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Logan Smith Obituary, Death – Together with my wife, Tatiana Smith, I would like to make this news and make a plea for assistance. It is with a great deal of regret and a sad heart that we do so. Michail Logan Smith, our darling baby who was just 5 months old, passed suddenly late in the evening on September 2 (San Antonio Texas time), early in the morning on September 3 (Kyrgyzstan time). When this unforeseen tragedy occurred, he was away from home visiting family in the country that his mother was born in. It was clear that his heart had given out. Mikey’s heart would not start beating again despite the best efforts of his mother and the emergency medical team who were attempting to resuscitate him.

We hate to ask for help, but we are in desperate need of it in order to pay for the exorbitant costs that have been incurred; these include the cost of the emergency medical response, the cost of the autopsy, the cost of the casket to return him home to San Antonio, the cost of the embalming for the flight, the cost of flying him home, the cost for his viewing and memorial service, and the cost for his cremation and urn. There are additional expenses that come into play, such as purchasing his death certificate and last-minute plane tickets for my wife, our 2-year-old daughter, and my in-laws to return to San Antonio, among other things.

The death of our son has left us unable to cope with the immensity of our loss. Mikey was a handsome and joyful young boy. Large eyes that were blue, hair that was blonde, and a grin that was contagious. While others spoke to him, he would smile and listen closely while maintaining that expression. After that, he would respond with the prettiest baby babble possible. Sophia, his older sister, has an incredible amount of love for him. On the day when he returned home,

she couldn’t contain her joy. Even though she was only 2 years old, she treated him with such kindness and gentleness. He was reaching his developmental goals and had just started learning how to roll over. With just one beaming grin, he could win over the affections of everyone in an instant. We are going to feel a profound loss when he is gone.

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