Joanne Rae Obituary, Joanne Rae Has Unexpectedly Passed away

Mark Duarte Obituary New Bedford MA, Mark Duarte has died sadly

Mark Duarte Death, Obituary¬† – The end of life In memory of Mark Duarte, one of his pals posted on Mark’s social media profile, “Today marks another somber day as I come to terms with the passing of my dear and longtime friend, Phillip Douglas.” Mark was a close friend of Phillip Douglas. Over the course of the past two weeks, the shadows of sorrow have cast a heavy pall over my heart as I battle with the deaths of some of my closest childhood buddies, including Buddy Wheatley, Mark Duarte, Brian Docca, Manny Arruda, and now Phillip.

This has caused a heavy pall to hang over my heart and has caused a tremendous burden to be placed upon it. Every one of these names is permanently carved into the fabric of my life, which is made up of moments when we laughed together, cried together, and reminisced about the good old days. The anguish caused by these separations is really severe, and I am at a loss for words that are adequate enough to convey the magnitude of my sorrow in this situation. Our circle, which was previously thriving and unshakable, now has a hint of the anguish that comes with absence.

It’s almost as if time itself is working against us to make our group smaller, and it’s creating a hole that no amount of laughter can fill. In the middle of all of this mental anguish, I can’t help but reflect about the profound words that I once saw engraved on a headstone. A straightforward but powerful letter written by bereaved parents for their daughter, who was 17 at the time, it serves as a painful reminder that while time might physically separate us, it possesses the wonderful capacity to bring us closer together in spirit.

It is with a tremendous sense of loss that I say goodbye to these remarkable guys and cherished friends as I prepare to part ways with them. I pray that their souls find the peace that passes all understanding, and that their lives continue to live on in the memories that we hold dear. In this trying time, I want their families to know that I am thinking of them and praying for them, and that I desire for them solace, comfort, and the healing embrace of time. I pray that the power of love and the graces of the Divine would give them the fortitude to go through this difficult road.

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