Matthew Coyner Obituary Chester Virginia, Carrie Coyner Husband dies at 47, Funeral and Visitation

Matthew Coyner Obituary Chester Virginia, Carrie Coyner’s Husband dies at 47, Funeral and Visitation

Matthew Coyner Death, Obituary – RICHMOND, Virginia-Matthew Ryan Coyner, age 47, who resided in Chester, Virginia, went away suddenly on Thursday, August 24, 2017. He was on the 24th day of this month. Peoria, Illinois was the location of his birth on April 1st, 1976, and his parents, Lynnce and Sharon Coyner, were the ones who gave birth to him. After being baptized in the Christian religion at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Bartonville, Illinois, Matt went on to have his faith confirmed at Salem Lutheran Church in Peoria, which is located in the same state.

Matt graduated from Richwoods High School in 1994, where he competed for the varsity football and track & field teams. During his time there, he also obtained a diploma. Matt earned both his Bachelor of Science degree in 1998 and his Master of Science degree in Horticulture in 2000 at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Both degrees are in the field of horticulture. It was during the summer of 2000 that he took part in an internship at the John Muir Health Medical Center in San Francisco, California.

The internship was in the research area. In addition to that, he just did an internship at Longwood Gardens, which is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and is associated with Harvard University. In the year 2002, Matt received his second Master of Science degree from Yale University, where he had already gotten his first one. When Matt was a senior in high school, he and his father, Lynnce, excavated a lake on the land that belonged to the Coyner family and stocked it with fish. Matt was someone who enjoyed spending time in nature.

He had a wide range of interests, and some of his favorites were fishing, hunting, gardening, sailing, and watching the Chicago Bears play football. Matt participated in the Boy Scouts of America throughout his boyhood. He was a part of the WD Boyce Council in Peoria, Illinois, which is located in Illinois. He fostered in his children and nephews a respect for Scouting as well as a love of the outdoors and its many opportunities. During his tenure in the Boy Scouts of America, Matt served as both a Den and a Troop Leader.

When Matt was a student at the University of Illinois, he was the one who introduced himself to Carrie Emerson. During the year that Matt was a senior at Yale, Carrie’s father fell ill, and he asked Matt to take over administration of the family business, which was called Emerson Construction. In 2004, Matt and Carrie became husband and wife after exchanging their vows. Together, they started their lives and bought a house in Chester, Virginia. Hayden, Mason, and Delaney were their three children, and all three of them were wonderfully beautiful.

His father-in-law’s illness was successfully treated, and as a result, he was able to recover his position as head of the family business. Matt was his own man when it came to the business world. While he was still a student, he founded a firm that dealt with the removal and treatment of mold. It was only natural for him to begin his own construction business, which he eventually named Coyner Construction and established in Chester, Virginia. His area of expertise was in the construction of one-of-a-kind homes that were gentler on the natural world. In the year 2021, Matt and Carrie’s marriage ended in divorce.

Matt set a fantastic precedent for what it meant to be a dad, son, brother, uncle, and friend. He was a beautiful example of all of these roles. Only his parents, Lynnce and Sharon Coyner of Peoria, Illinois, will remember him when he passes away; they are the only ones who will do so. His three children—Hayden, Mason, and Delaney—all call Chester, Virginia, their hometown. Jenny Coyner and Emily (Dave) Ferrell, who respectively reside in Atlanta, Georgia and Peoria, Illinois, respectively, are sisters. Jenny Coyner currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

The names Drew, Zac, and Jacob Ferrell belong to three nephews who now reside in the city of Peoria in the state of Illinois. And their business partner, Nicole Munns, who is situated in Chesterfield, Virginia.
His maternal grandparents, Orville Saboe and Ione Saboe, of West Union, Iowa, and his paternal grandparents, Robert Coyner and Mickey Coyner, of Muscatine, Iowa, all passed away before he was born. His maternal grandfather was named Orville Saboe, and his maternal grandmother was named Ione Saboe.

On Saturday, September 2, a memorial service will be conducted at Salem Lutheran Church in Peoria, Illinois. The address for the church is 1700 W. War Memorial Dr., and the zip code for the area is 61614. The viewing will start at ten in the morning, followed by the ceremony at eleven in the morning, and then lunch will be provided at twelve in the afternoon. During the funeral, there will be no spectators or witnesses present.

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