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Michael Dumont Motorcycle Accident, Barrington Rhode Island, Michael Dumont Has Died

Michael Dumont Motorcycle Accident – An accident that occurred early in the afternoon on Thursday near the junction of High and Laurier streets resulted in a man being sent to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. The accident included a motorbike and a minivan. The identity of the guy and his age have not been made public, however police have stated that it seems the man was heading north on High Street when he attempted to pass a halted COAST bus, which police stated was making a stop on its northbound route at the time of the incident.

After reentering the correct lane, the right side of the motorbike collided with the front of a minivan that was attempting to turn south onto High Street from Laurier Street. According to the police, the motorcycle crossed into the center turning lane. According to Sgt. Mike Dumont, the motorbike “clipped” the front of the van, and as a result, the operator of the motorcycle and the motorcycle itself slid between 50 and 75 feet into the center of High Street before coming to a halt.

Dumont stated that he did not know what injuries were experienced during the accident; nevertheless, he guessed that the motorcycle operator had a “compound fracture” in his right foot because bones punctured the firm leather outer of a boot the operator was wearing. Dumont stated that he did not know what injuries were sustained during the accident. It is probable that the guy may have fractured one or multiple ribs because he told emergency medical services professionals that he was having problems breathing.

According to the police, the operator was aware when emergency response teams got on the site. According to Dumont, the man who was involved in the accident was not wearing a helmet, and he added that nobody else was hurt in the collision. He claimed that the motorbike had a vanity license plate from New Hampshire that read “DUDE.”

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