Peoria Cyclist Akeem Alexander Killed in Hit-and-Run; Suspect At Large

The tragic incident involving the hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of Akeem Alexander, a 28-year-old Peoria resident, has left the community in shock and mourning. The victim, a resident of Ann Street in Peoria, met an untimely demise in the early hours of Monday morning at the intersection of Howett Street and Western Avenue. The Peoria County Coroner, Jamie Harwood, confirmed that Alexander had been struck by a vehicle, and the injuries sustained from the impact were fatal. The force of the collision led to multiple blunt-force trauma injuries, tragically resulting in his instantaneous death.

Local authorities were alerted to the incident at 3:35 a.m. Upon arrival at the scene, emergency responders found Alexander’s lifeless body. It was a harrowing scene that spoke to the abruptness and severity of the accident. The driver responsible for the collision had fled the scene, leaving behind a community grappling with grief and an open investigation.

Shortly after the incident, law enforcement discovered the suspected vehicle involved in the hit-and-run. The abandoned vehicle was found in the 2100 block of Antoinette Street, with visible damage to its front end—a stark testament to the impact of the collision. Despite extensive efforts, the search for the driver proved unsuccessful. The suspect remained at large, prompting heightened concern within the community for both justice and closure.

The Peoria Police Department, alongside relevant authorities, initiated a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the hit-and-run. The primary focus was to apprehend the individual responsible for the tragic incident and provide answers to a grieving community. Witnesses were interviewed, evidence was meticulously gathered, and leads were pursued diligently to shed light on the details of the accident.

As the investigation continues, the memory of Akeem Alexander lives on in the hearts of his loved ones, friends, and the Peoria community at large. This heartrending incident underscores the importance of road safety and responsible driving, emphasizing the need for accountability in the face of such devastating outcomes. The collective hope remains that justice will ultimately be served for Akeem Alexander, offering a semblance of closure and a reminder of the value of every life lost to tragic accidents.

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