Ralph Brown Missing, Disappearance of Ralph Brown Remains Found A Year After

Ralph Brown Missing, Disappearance of Ralph Brown Remains Found A Year After

Ralph Brown Missing –  Ralph Brown, Carol Brown’s husband of more than 50 years, was located, which was the news that Carol Brown had been waiting on for an entire year. After getting a call late the previous week regarding the finding of her husband’s remains, she stated, “I can finally sleep.” “I can finally sleep,” she said.

The family of Ralph Brown has expressed that they are overcome with a range of feelings, including pleasure, relief, and mourning. It had been just under a year when their patriarch, who had been a prominent member of the community for many years, vanished without a trace. The moment had come when it was almost exactly a year after his disappearance.

Roger’s Landing is located in Yamhill County and serves as the entry to the Willamette River. On May 13, a diver from the organization Adventures with Purpose, which is based in Oregon and works to retrieve automobiles from waterways and assist in the investigation of instances involving missing individuals, was dispatched to investigate the area. Over the course of the previous year, they had previously conducted three separate searches at the property.

However, this time, they uncovered an upside-down blue Nissan Sentra one hundred feet out from a boat launch and forty feet deep into the Willamette River. The vehicle was buried behind a heap of submerged tree limbs and trunks. Even though the windows were open, a dead corpse could be seen inside. After a few days had passed, dental records determined that the remains were really those of Ralph Brown.

On May 16, 2021, the 76-year-old man who had previously served as mayor of Cornelius and as an instructor in Hillsboro had left his house. Ralph, who had been suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease for two years, rose up from his recliner and stated, “I’m going home,” and then left the room after spending the day with his wife running errands. Ralph had the condition for two years.

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