Robert Hoagland Obituary, Disappearance of Robert Hoagland Remains Unsolved

Robert Hoagland Obituary, Disappearance of Robert Hoagland Remains Unsolved

Robert Hoagland Obituary, Death –  Robert Hoagland was a resident of Newtown, Connecticut, in the United States. He vanished in the year 2013, but his death wasn’t officially recorded until December 5, 2022. His whereabouts are unclear, and some detectives are concerned that he may have been the victim of criminal activity. In point of fact, he had relocated to Rock Hill, New York, under a fictitious name—Richard King—which was not uncovered until after his passing in the latter half of 2022.

Hoagland, a local chef and property appraiser, was seen on surveillance tape at a Mobil gas station in Newtown on the morning of July 28, 2013, purchasing a map along with fuel for his wife’s car. He was last seen by anybody who knew him later that morning, when his son said farewell to him as Hoagland was mowing the lawn of the family house, a conversation which was also overheard by a neighbor. Hoagland was the last person to see him.

Hoagland did not show up for work the next morning, and he also did not pick up his wife when she arrived back from an abroad vacation later that same day. It was stated that he had gone missing. Over the course of the next year, police investigated other sightings of Hoagland, most of which occurred in the immediate area. Tips also placed him in southern California and South Carolina; however, neither those locations nor the purported sightings produced any evidence that he was there in any of those states.

There were many different hypotheses regarding his disappearance, ranging from the possibility of foul play tied to his son’s drug issues to the possibility that he was attempting to start a new life. An episode of the show “Disappeared” that airs on Investigation Discovery was devoted to covering this case.

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