Roger Twelvetrees Obituary, VSCC Driver Died at Mallory Park Racing Circuit (Real Motorsport Ltd)

Roger Twelvetrees Obituary, Death – The world of motorsport is in mourning as the community comes to terms with the loss of a beloved figure, Roger Twelvetrees. An accomplished driver and a true enthusiast, Roger’s passion for racing was evident to all who knew him. His recent passing at the Mallory Park Racing Circuit has left a void that will be felt deeply by his fellow drivers, friends, and the entire motorsport community.

Roger Twelvetrees was not just a name on the track; he was a driving force, both figuratively and literally. His love for racing and his dedication to the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) made him a prominent figure in the motorsport world. His skill, determination, and the camaraderie he fostered among his fellow drivers made him a respected presence in every race he participated in.

The Mallory Park Racing Circuit, a place where Roger’s dreams and aspirations converged, became the setting for his final moments. As the engines roared and the crowd cheered, tragedy struck, leaving a somber reminder of the risks involved in the pursuit of one’s passions. Roger’s untimely passing is a testament to the unpredictable nature of motorsport and a reminder that even in the midst of exhilarating moments, the sport comes with inherent dangers.

As the news of Roger’s passing reverberated through the motorsport community, an outpouring of tributes highlighted the impact he had on those around him. His dedication to his craft, his unwavering sportsmanship, and the friendships he forged along the way are just a few of the qualities that made him a cherished member of the racing world. Roger Twelvetrees’ legacy extends beyond his achievements on the track. He was an embodiment of the passion, resilience, and community that motorsport represents. His memory will continue to inspire and remind drivers and enthusiasts alike of the profound joy that comes from pursuing one’s dreams and the importance of cherishing every moment.

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