Sammy Jay Obituary, Sammy Jay Funeral Notice

Sammy Jay Obituary, Death – It has taken me some time to really accept what has transpired and come to grips with it. My family is in complete and utter disbelief since my brother had to leave this earth far too soon after achieving his goals. Sammy’s charisma was contagious, and he had a heart that was real.

He also had a knack for telling those darn dad jokes (see what I did there?). He had the power to make a room brighter than the sun. You were truly one of the most honest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We will never be able to forget the love that you offered to me, my wife, and our two girls. Even though he was just 31 years old when he earned his degree,

“Uncle Sammy” will always be remembered as the guy he was because he was the kind of person who never failed to love his people and who never missed an occasion that was important to them. You were one of my closest friends in this life, and I am grateful for the light that you have shed on so many others.

I will never forget all of the wonderful times that we shared together. When it came to your personality and your heart, you were a giant among men, and the PhD you received was only the icing on the cake. It was an honor to be in your brother’s sphere of influence; may you rest in peace.

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