Leon Tiere Missing, Missing Person Alert: Leon Tiere Still Missing

Seaside Heights Missing Swimmer, One swimmer is missing off Seaside Heights, five others rescued

Seaside Heights Missing Swimmer – According to reports from the police, a swimmer who got into trouble while swimming in the surf off of a beach in Seaside Heights on Sunday evening has been reported missing since the incident. The male swimmer, who was 24 years old and whom the police did not name, was one of six persons who were in danger at the Stockton Avenue beach at around 6:30 p.m., according to the police. The police did not identify the male swimmer.

It was reported to the authorities that there was a rip current warning in effect, and red flags were flying in the vicinity. The police said that a total of five people had to be pulled from the water, but the search and rescue effort for the lone swimmer, who is 24 years old, is still ongoing. It is not known whether any of the six of them had previous experience with one another.

One of the organizations that is participating in the search activities is the United States Coast Guard. These operations are being carried out by a number of different organizations. Another rescue effort involving a large number of swimmers was also going place at the same time in Belmar, according to the local police. At the beaches located on 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue, a total of six swimmers, including one who was unconscious, needed to be saved from the water.

One of the swimmers was able to regain consciousness after being rescued. It is not known how the swimmers are currently faring in their race.

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