Shani Penn Obituary Leader of Western Michigan University leader Has Died

Shani Penn Obituary Leader of Western Michigan University leader Has Died

Shani Penn Death, Obituary – Shani Penn, who worked for both the governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, and the emergency manager of Detroit, Kevyn Orr, passed away last week, according to the officials. Her age was 46. Penn was a member of the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University, where she held the position of vice-chairwoman at the time of her passing. In December of 2016, Snyder chose her to fill a seat on the board he had created for her. The next year will mark the end of her eight-year time in office.

The words “Shani Penn” According to a statement released by WMU President Edward Montgomery on Wednesday, she passed away suddenly on Tuesday. Montgomery expressed his sympathies to “her family, friends, and all those closest to her,” saying, “We extend our condolences to all of those.” “On campus, we will miss Vice Chair Penn as a proud Bronco, as an engaged colleague, as a committed fiduciary leader, as an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and most importantly, as a tireless advocate for students.

She will be greatly missed in all of these capacities.” The loss of her creates a gaping hole in our lives.” In addition to that, he mentioned that funeral arrangements for Penn were being made. “We will be working with the Board of Trustees to honor Vice Chair Penn in the fall and will let the community know the details when they become available,” stated the president of the institution. “We will let the community know when the details become available.”

Penn was Snyder’s top strategy advisor throughout their time working together. During the time that Orr was overseeing the historic bankruptcy procedures for the city, she also worked for him as his chief of staff. According to Dennis Muchmore, who served as Snyder’s chief of staff, Penn is “a terrific person.”

“She was always willing to throw in and do more than we asked,” Muchmore told The Detroit News on Friday. “In my opinion, she consistently performed at a level that was much above her average. She was just a really wonderful person all around. Muchmore stated that he and Penn had remained in communication with one another in the years following their departure from the Snyder administration.

“We continued to be friends and would see each other at community things that we were both involved in,” Muchmore added. “She was just one of those people that you had a lot of hope for, and it’s a shame to lose her,” said the person speaking about the deceased. According to her profile on the WMU website, Penn lived in Detroit and served as the president and chief executive officer of JPW Strategies LLC, a consulting business that was established in 2012. According to what was found, throughout the course of her employment, she also worked for Daimler Chrysler Financial Services as well as Chrysler Financial.

According to her profile, she received a degree in marketing from Western Michigan University in the year 2000. In addition to that, she graduated from Central Michigan University with a master’s degree in human resources. In addition to that, Penn was a member of the board of directors for the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. According to the biography that was published about her foundation, she was also a board member for the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, the Detroit Belle Isle Conservancy, and the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program, better known as DAPCEP.

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