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Shirley Morrison Obituary, Shirley Morrison Has Reportedly Passed Away

Shirley Morrison Death, Obituary – With a heavy heart, we come together to mourn the recent passing of a cherished Deaf elder, Shirley Morrison. The news of her departure has cast a somber shadow over the Bendigo and surrounding Deaf Community, as we remember a woman who was a beacon of joy and love to all fortunate enough to know her.

Shirley’s presence was a gift to our community, and her impact was immeasurable. She radiated positivity and warmth, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those she encountered. Her presence brought light to our gatherings, and her spirit uplifted everyone around her.

As we come to terms with this loss, our thoughts extend to Shirley’s family, friends, and all those who held her dear. In this time of grieving, we offer our love, prayers, and support, hoping that the collective strength of our community provides comfort during this difficult period.

While details about Shirley’s funeral or memorial service may be forthcoming, we acknowledge that the delay may cause additional grief. To facilitate healing and remembrance, Deaf Hub Bendigo will open its doors on Saturday, September 2nd, from 10am to 12pm. It will be a time for those who knew Shirley to come together, to reflect, share memories, and find solace in each other’s company.

As we bid farewell to Shirley Morrison, let us remember her for the love she shared, the joy she spread, and the connections she nurtured. Her spirit, as represented by the soaring bird in flight, will forever remain in our hearts and in the cherished memories we hold dear.

Fly high, Shirley. Your memory will be carried in the hearts of all who knew you, a testament to the impact you made during your time with us. May your family and loved ones find comfort in the outpouring of love and support from our community, as we collectively mourn the loss of a beloved soul.

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